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Visitation Rights Between A Spouse And Child

If you’re still deciding on which NYC divorce attorney you should go to in working out child custody issues, we’re available here at Peter L. Cedeño Associates P.C. as a dependable law firm. One factor that we know you’ll be asking about is visitation rights and the complexities therein you can’t solve without the aid of an experienced attorney. It’s an issue with potential contentious consequences due to spouse sensitivity in being able to see your child.

Our goal is to make visitation decisions a peaceful process so both you and your former spouse share your children. Basically, you have three categories of visitations based on New York child custody laws. Which one your spouse receives depends extensively on their background and even consideration of the child’s wishes.

Unsupervised Visitations

This is usually the best scenario for visitations because it shows your spouse is a caring parent without any record of abuse. Visitation times are sometimes worked out by the court, though you’ll also have freedom to work it out with your spouse if you’re amicable.

Your child or children are always placed first. In this regard, their wishes are also honored on how much time they spend with you or their other parent.

Supervised Visitations

When the court orders supervised visitations, it means your spouse possibly has a questionable background. Perhaps they’ve proven themselves more responsible lately, yet because of their violent history, supervision is still necessary.

Supervision is through you or someone else assigned to the role. In all cases, it means making sure your child or children are well-cared for every minute.

Therapeutic Visitations

You’ve perhaps never heard of this visitation category. In this instance, it allows a possibly abusive parent time with their child under highly supervised conditions. It’s considered therapeutic as a way for a troubled parent to find some peace without being kept completely away from their children. Plus, it’s therapy for the child if they want time with that parent, despite their history.

Keep in mind all of the above categories are easily modifiable if something unexpected happens. We’re there for you in dealing with modifications after visitation rights are already set.

Contact Peter L. Cedeño Associates P.C. so we can help you through the challenges of visitations and other family law issues.




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