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NYCLA Family Law & Child Welfare Committee Welcomes Cedeño & Team

Attorneys Peter Cedeño, Anna Kaminsky Feldberg, and Belinda Arevalo of Peter L. Cedeño Associates, P.C. were invited to join the New York County Lawyers’ Association (NYCLA): Family Law and Child Welfare Committee. All three agreed to the invitation and are officially part of the membership committee. Members of this particular committee will meet periodically to plan events within the NYCLA, organize panel discussions about the association and legislation, and discuss developments within the family law world of New York.

Perhaps the most important of all committee functions is regular discussions regarding family laws and litigation. During these meetings, some of the brightest legal minds of New York and New York County will come together to tackle the biggest obstacles of the day. The end goal of each meetup is the betterment of the legal system in a way that directly improves the livelihood of families that run into legal problems. This is especially important when considering child welfare, as any deficiencies or complications in the Family Court system could eventually lessen the quality of life of a child.

About the NYCLA

For more than a century, the New York County Lawyers’ Association has been at the forefront of legal advancement and change in the state, and perhaps even the country. When it was first founded in the early 1900s, many lawyers were denied membership to similar organizations due to their gender, ethnicity, inheritance, and religious beliefs. The NYCLA sought to change that by bringing attorneys together by virtue of their commitment to improving and mastering the legal systems of New York. From the first day forth, the NYCLA has been influential in countless legal matters and been the home organization for innumerable attorneys.

It is with much pride that our three attorneys join the NYCLA and its Family Law and Child Welfare Committee. If you want to know more about the NYCLA, you can visit their website and browse around. To learn how our New York City divorce attorneys can help you with any manner of sensitive family law issues, contact our firm today. We serve clients from Staten Island to the Bronx to Queens.




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