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Same-Sex Marriage Adoptions In New York

For families who cannot have children on their own, adoption is an option to help individuals start their family. In many cases, however, the adoption process is often long and stressful, even for the perfect couple. What happens when partners in a same-sex marriage want to adopt? What rights do they have and are there any restrictions? In New York, there are specific laws outlining the rights of same-sex couples and adoption.

Can Same-Sex Couples Jointly Petition for an Adoption?

In New York, same-sex couples are allowed to jointly petition for the adoption of a child. This is a process that typically requires the same amount of time – if not less – than opposite sex couples to complete. In many situations, there are a number of birthparents choosing LGBT couples as the adoptive parents of the children, often making this whole process much quicker than expected.

How Do Same-Sex Couples Become Licensed to Adopt?

This is a long and sometimes complicated process for even opposite-sex couples who want to adopt. Like any adoption, adoptive parents in a same-sex marriage must complete the proper paperwork, go through the series of interviews, and take every necessary step in order to be licensed for adoption.

In the United States, there are more than 90,000 same-sex couples with children. Of this number, 73% are biological only, 21% are step or adopted only, and 6% are a combination of both. This means nearly 20,000 same-sex couples have adoptive or step children in the household. It is easier than ever for individuals in same-sex relationships to complete the adoption process.

At Peter L. Cedeño Associates, P.C., our New York City adoption attorneys are dedicated to helping individuals go through the adoption process. We take the time to help you understand what is required of you, help with the paperwork and interviews, and successfully get you through the process. If you are a same-sex couple interested in adoption, we are here to help.

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