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Orders Of Protection In Family Court

If you are being abused by someone whom you are related or married to, you can apply for an order of protection in the family courts. In doing so, the abuser will not be able to commit certain acts against you, thus granting you a sense of security and safety against this person. Sometimes, violent situations arise, and you may need to obtain something in writing which ensures you and your family are no longer under any dangerous circumstances regarding an abuser.

In legal terms, an order of protection in family court is civil order, and it can protect you from someone you are currently married to, separated from, divorced from, have a child in common with, are or were in an intimate or dating relationship with, or are related by blood or marriage. Once you have decided to obtain an order of protection in family court, you may be presented with several stipulations regarding particulars of the order. These provisions can determine the various details of the order, most of which last anywhere from 1 to 5 years–and sometimes, even a lifetime.

The following are various provisions in an order of protection:

  • No contact provision
  • Peaceful contact provision
  • Stay away provision
  • Move out provision
  • Firearms provision
  • Counseling provision
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