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Divorce Can Be Tougher With A Narcissist

Getting divorced can understandably be challenging even in the most amicable of situations. However, the process can be that much harder for those whose spouses have narcissistic personalities. Here are a couple of tips for those going through the divorce process with narcissists in New York.

First, gathering important papers early in the divorce process is critical. These papers include passports, the marriage license, a future ex-spouse’s records related to work and taxes, bill copies, birth certificates, checkbooks, and a prenuptial agreement if one was created prior to the wedding day. Securing these documents right away is wise because once a person who is married to a narcissist files for divorce, the narcissistic future ex-spouse may not grant him or her access to these papers.

Second, it may behoove the person breaking up with the narcissistic spouse to seek temporary orders for alimony and child support. This individual may also request that the narcissistic spouse cover the household bills if the narcissistic spouse was the sole breadwinner during the marriage. This might also be a good time to pursue a temporary child support and visitation arrangement until the marital breakup has been finalized.

Chances are that finding common ground regarding issues such as asset distribution and child custody will not be possible when someone is divorcing a narcissist. In this situation, going to divorce trial — rather than going through informal negotiations or mediation — may be the couple’s only option. However, an attorney can provide a divorcing spouse in this situation with the guidance he or she needs to pursue the best outcome for himself or herself in New York.




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