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Inadequate Counseling, Religious Conflict Contribute To Divorce

According to researchers, fewer people are getting divorced today than in years past in New York and other parts of the United States. Still, divorce is unavoidable in many circumstances and for various reasons. Based on recent research, two common reasons for divorce today are the absence of quality premarital counseling and differences in belief systems.

These two factors apparently play a role in around 13 percent of today’s divorces. Regarding premarital counseling in particular, survey participants acknowledged that premarital counseling does not provide all of the education that couples need to make a marriage work. For instance, although counseling sessions usually provide education on communication as well as resolving conflict, they do not cover the different phases of a marital union that couples can expect to go through over time.

As for religion, about 69 percent of people who are married told researchers recently that their beliefs are the same. This is an important contributing factor in a stable marriage. Interfaith marriages have a much higher chance of ending in divorce because spouses who have different religious beliefs are more likely to be unhappy when compared with those who believe the same way.

No matter why two people decided to get divorced in New York, the process can undoubtedly be painful and overwhelming from an emotional and a financial standpoint. This is why consulting an attorney early on is so important. The attorney can help the client to navigate even the most complex aspects of a divorce proceeding with confidence — such as asset distribution or child custody — and make sure that his or her best interests are upheld each step of the way.




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