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Child Custody And Visitation Dispute May Spark Range Of Emotions

When two people in New York go through divorce, they may naturally feel angry, sad and frustrated. If they have young children together, their children may feel the same way as well, especially if they feel caught in the middle of a child custody and visitation dispute. However, divorcing parents can make the divorce process easier on the children in a couple of ways.

First, parents who have decided to get divorced may want to try to keep their children’s lives as normal as possible. As an example, perhaps the two parents get along relatively well even though they are divorcing. In this situation, they may still want to take their children to dinner as a family or watch their favorite sport team play together. If the parents do not get along, they may still want to do these activities with their children individually.

In addition, parents who are divorcing would be wise to validate how their children are feeling. In other words, they may want to allow the children to share how they are feeling and then let the children know that their emotions are quite normal. The opposite of this is reacting to the children’s expressed emotions in a disparaging manner.

Divorce is never an easy process for adults or children. Still, if parents who are getting divorced can come up with their own agreement regarding child custody and visitation, this may be easier on the children than taking this matter to divorce trial. An attorney in New York can help a parent who is getting divorced to pursue a child custody outcome that is personally favorable while also being in the children’s best interests.




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