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Preparing For Divorce This Summer Involves A Few Steps

Research shows that many struggling spouses contemplate getting divorced during the summer season. Part of the reason for this is that they may spend more time together in the summer — for example, to go on vacation — and this may exacerbate any marital problems they are having. Here are some important moves to make when considering divorce this summer in New York.

Before moving forward with divorce, individuals might want to do their reconnaissance on their financial situations. For instance, they can find out how much money they have in their bank accounts. They can additionally learn how much debt they have on their credit cards. The more they know about both their liabilities and their assets, the more capable they are of making informed decisions when tackling the distribution of marital property and debt.

It is also generally a good idea for individuals to do some information gathering about divorce with the help of an attorney. They can learn what steps they need to take as they begin the divorce process as well as what the potential outcomes of each decision are. The attorney can also advise a spouse on whether pursuing a process like mediation, rather than going to trial, may be beneficial in his or her situation.

Mediation and informal negotiations allow spouses to work out their divorce issues — such as property division — without further court intrusion. However, going to trial may be the only option in some divorces, leaving a judge to decide on these issues. Either way, an attorney will provide the guidance needed to pursue a fair yet personally favorable divorce outcome in New York.




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