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Divorce Proceeding Doesn’t Have To Be Filled With Conflict

Ending a marriage is challenging on many fronts. For instance, individuals with young children may argue over who should get custody of the children. Couples may also disagree about how to divide their shared property. Fortunately, taking a couple of steps may help to reduce conflict during a divorce proceeding in New York.

First, it is often helpful for those going through divorce to avoid arguing over minor objects during the property division process. It is natural to feel connected to certain items in the home. However, if they are not high-value assets, getting into tiffs about them with a future ex may not be worthwhile, especially if it creates unnecessary tension in the process. Instead, it makes sense to focus on larger assets that have a direct impact on post-divorce finances — like the marital home.

Second, getting in touch with an attorney as soon as possible is a smart idea. For one, an attorney possesses the ability to approach divorce matters in a manner that is objective. This is something that people who are getting divorced often cannot easily accomplish on their own. An attorney can help a client to transition to a new post-divorce lifestyle in as smooth a manner as possible.

A family law attorney in New York can also guide a client through the process of divorce negotiation or mediation. These processes tend to be less hostile and thus less stressful than going through traditional divorce litigation. The attorney’s ultimate goal is to make sure that the client’s best interests are protected throughout every stage of the divorce proceeding.




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