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Emotional Reasons For Getting A Divorce Are On The Rise

Two spouses may decide to break up for a variety of reasons, including infidelity or financial conflict. However, according to new research, the top reason why people get divorced in New York and elsewhere is the inability to feel emotionally fulfilled in the marriage. According to researchers, emotional and psychological factors in divorce are growing, whereas violence- and addiction-related factors are plummeting.

The researchers explained that the top emotional factor in divorce today is if one or both parties fall out of love with the other. The next most common factor is the failure to communicate. When two married individuals do not express how they feel to each other, this can have an adverse impact on their union in both the short term and the long term.

Third, people today often get divorced because they have lost respect for each other. Psychologists have emphasized that respect is actually more critical than love when it comes to maintaining a romantic relationship. Last, a common reason why married couples break up is because they grow apart. For instance, the two parties may develop different value systems over the years and eventually see their lives going into two completely different directions long term.

Divorce is never a simple process, even if the two divorcing individuals agree that divorce is the right decision for them. For this reason, it is critical that those going through divorce consult an attorney as soon as possible. A family law attorney in New York can show a divorcing spouse how to address matters like asset division and alimony with the goal of achieving a fair and personally beneficial settlement as quickly as possible.




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