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Divorce Preparation May Make Process Smoother

The process of getting divorced is difficult. In addition to dealing with the financial aspect of the proceedings, child custody, parenting time and child support are often high priority concerns. Regardless, being prepared for the ins and outs of divorce in New York may make the process easier to handle from start to finish.

First, being financially prepared is vital. For this reason, a person who plans to get a divorce may want to study his or her current financial situation by looking at current financial documents. Having a firm grasp of the household finances early on will make it easier to negotiate a fair and binding settlement.

Second, it will be necessary to make arrangements regarding individual living circumstances following the divorce, or even while it is pending. Is remaining in the family home the goal, or is it better to start anew and secure housing elsewhere? The answer will have an impact on the property division process and will also determine how the children’s living arrangements are handled as part of any child custody proceedings.

The divorce process is multifaceted and can be overwhelming and even frustrating. However, if the parties involved can find common ground, they may be able to settle their divorce out of court, thus avoiding the prospect of having a judge step in and decide any unresolved issues for them. A family law attorney in New York can provide the direction needed to achieve a fair and comprehensive divorce that addresses short-term plans and long-term goals.




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