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Mediation Offers Multiple Benefits During Divorce

Navigating the dissolution of a marriage can seem like a harrowing process. In addition to dealing with the division of marital property, two spouses who are getting a divorce must tackle complex matters like alimony and, if there are kids involved, custody and child support. Fortunately, these issues can potentially be resolved without the parties ever having to step foot in a New York courtroom.

More people who are getting divorced are turning to an approach referred to as alternative dispute resolution (ADR) instead of litigating the issues in court. ADR, such as mediation or a collaborative divorce, is in demand today because it is typically more flexible than litigation. It is also less expensive and usually saves time.

During mediation, in particular, the parties have the opportunity to discuss how they would like to handle issues like property distribution. A mediator will help to facilitate their discussion in a rather informal manner, and for this reason, the process is usually less acrimonious than litigation. Nonetheless, mediation works only if the participants are okay with communicating openly and honestly with each other, as well as pursuing a fair settlement.

An attorney in New York can provide the guidance needed to attain a comprehensive and just settlement with the other party. Of course, certain issues may not be easily settled outside of court, in which case the attorney would be prepared to litigate these matters. Either way, the divorce attorney will focus on securing a result that is in the client’s best interests in both the short and long term.




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