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Is Divorce In Your Future? How To Tell

Many divorced people say that they knew their marriage was over before it happened. Others say that they had no idea it was coming. Whether you can see the signs or are totally blindsided, it can still be a devastating event, even if it’s something both you and your spouse want.

However, if you could see into the future and know for certain whether you and your significant other would divorce, you might be able to better prepare yourself. Families all around New York might appreciate being able to get both financial and personal matters in order before divorce papers ever enter the picture. Though looking into a crystal ball isn’t an option, experts say there are several signs that may indicate you’re about to get a divorce.

Signs that deal with you

First, try a bit of self-examination. At the end of a long day, do you dread going home? Does your marriage feel tedious and not fun in any way? That could be an indication that your relationship is on the rocks.

Another indicator is whether you can empathize with your spouse. If you’re not able to see things from his or her point of view, it can hinder a relationship. If you’re still not sure, think about what it would mean to end your relationship. If it fills you with any kind of relief, you should determine whether you really want to stay in it.

Signs that deal with your spouse

Next are indicators that have to do with your spouse. One of the most glaring is if he or she is suffering from an addiction or mental illness and won’t seek any help for it. That last part is very important – some marriages can weather those kinds of problems if the affected person is willing to face his or her issues.

If you feel as though your partner doesn’t respect you, or if he or she even goes so far as to make fun of you, whether it’s to others or directly to you, it can strain your relationship. This could even cause you to feel as though you’d be all right if your spouse started dating others, which is another warning sign.

Signs that deal with your relationship

When it comes to your relationship, do you feel as though you and your spouse have totally separate lives? Maybe you’ve stopped having dinner together or don’t even have sex anymore. Any of those scenarios can spell trouble because it shows that neither of you are invested in the relationship. Some people say that they stayed together for too long because of their children. If this is the case for you, it could indicate a future divorce.

Whatever your reasons may be for wanting a divorce, the important thing is that you realize it’s something that many people go through. You don’t have to feel any sort of shame or embarrassment about it. What’s important is that you consider what the best choice is for both you and your spouse.




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