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Tips For Surviving A High-Asset, High-Conflict Divorce

The divorce process can be emotionally triggering, especially in high-conflict situations. When spouses cannot agree on any aspect of their divorce and bitterly argue about asset division, child custody and all other factors of their marital lives, the process can get nasty.

Additionally, when spouses have a high-asset divorce, the combination of high-asset, high-conflict divorce is daunting. The more assets involved in a high-conflict situation, the more reasons there are for a couple to argue.

5 Strategies for surviving a high-conflict divorce

When emotions run high, arguments often ensue. There are 5 strategic ways to get through a high-conflict divorce.

  1. Minimize contact and use written communication when you do interact with your soon-to-be ex-spouse.
  2. Rely on your friends, family, lawyer, therapist for support. Avoid reaching out to the person you are divorcing.
  3. Think before you respond. No matter how angry you are in the moment, take some time to think through your response before replying.
  4. Stick to the schedule. Don’t speak with your soon-to-be-ex when your attorney is not present. Don’t let them throw off your schedule and catch you off guard, follow to the plan.
  5. Be realistic and cautious; document everything. Even though you were in love with your soon-to-be ex-spouse at one time, don’t underestimate their willpower to get what they want and destroy you in the process.

Hopefully, with the help of your attorney, you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse will be able to work out an agreement. With a high-conflict, high-asset divorce, it might be wise to hire a forensic account, too.

Even if you have created a list of all your marital assets, your spouse may own something that you don’t know about, or you may not realize the actual value of some assets. No matter what, it’s essential to have a robust support system and an advocate you can trust.




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