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Protest Related Charges

Social injustice connected to law enforcement has reached its culmination resulting in protest and civil unrest across the nation. In turn, New Yorkers have exercised their right to engage in peaceful protest activity on public sidewalks, in public parks and on the public streets of New York City.

Unfortunately, peaceful protestors continue to suffer the injustice of over-policing, and are being arrested for the acts of others who protest in an unpeaceful manner. Innocent civilians are being charged with offenses such as rioting and disorderly conduct, where the only act committed is fighting against the oppression this country has suffered for far too long.

These allegations carry a slew of consequences which extend out of the courtroom setting and can impact an individual’s career or even freedom. It is extremely important you maintain a clean record and retain an aggressive attorney who will fight with every ounce of energy to obtain a favorable outcome for you and your future.

In this age of technology cell phone footage never ends. When one camera ends, another continues filming from another angle. The perfect example exists with the ever-painful case of George Floyd. Footage may be obtained through different social-media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

You need an attorney who is not only familiar with the law but understands modern age technology and its benefits in the courtroom. Cases are made and/or broken through the obtainment of evidence. Let the Cedeno Law Group, PPLC provide you with the expertise and representation needed in this modern age where oppression and abuse have met their match, technology. If you have protested in New York City and have been charged with any of the offenses listed below, contact us immediately. Remember, law enforcement may reach out to you and ask you to come in to make a statement, don’t fall for the trap.

Call us today at 646-475-3656, as you defend the rights of black community, we will defend you against those whose over-police and continue injustice.

Protest related offenses may include any of the following:

Trespass (NY Penal Law section 140.05); Criminal Trespass in the first degree (NY Penal Code 140.10); or Criminal trespass third degree (NY Penal Law section 140.17)

Burglary in the third Degree (NY Penal Law section 140.20); Burglary in the second degree ( NY Penal Law section 140.25); Petit Larceny NY Penal Law section 155.25; Grand larceny in the fourth degree (NY Penal Law section 155.30); or Grand larceny in the third degree (NY Penal Law section 155.30); and

Criminal mischief in the fourth degree (NY Penal Law section 145.00); Criminal mischief in the third degree (NY Penal Law section 145.05); Criminal mischief in the second degree (NY Penal Law section 145.10); or Criminal mischief in the first degree NY Penal Law section 145.12)

Reckless endangerment of property (NY Penal Law Section 145.25); Making Graffiti (NY Penal Law section 145.60); or Possession of Graffiti Instruments (NY Penal Law section 145.65); and

Arson in the fifth degree (NY Penal Law section 150.01); Arson in the fourth degree (NY Penal Law Section 150.05); or Arson in the third degree (NY Penal Law Section 150.10); and,

Riot in the second degree (NY Penal Law Section 240.05); Riot in the first degree (NY Penal Law Section 240.06); Inciting to Riot (NY Penal Law Section 240.08); Unlawful Assembly (NY Penal Law section 240.10); Criminal anarchy (NY Penal Law Section 240.15); Disorderly Conduct (NY Penal Law section 240.20); lastly,

Resisting arrest (NY Penal Section 205.30) and Hindering prosecution (NY Penal Law Section 205.50)




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