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5 Tips For Handling Social Media During Divorce

Going through a divorce is a difficult. You can feel like you are on an emotional and financial roller coaster, not sure where the next turn, dip and twist will take you. During the months you go through the divorce process, you more than likely might want to vent a bit – to reach out to your friends for support. However, doing that by social media isn’t likely to be in your best interest.

In fact, you can negatively impact your divorce by what you post on social media. In 2019, according to National Law Review, 81% of attorneys reported finding social media evidence that they could present in court.

You may think your posts aren’t a big deal, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are five tips to avoid impacting your divorce through social media:

  1. If you can disconnect from social media entirely during your divorce, do so. If you can’t do that, delete social media apps from your phone – to lower your temptation for making a quick, perhaps ill-advised, post.
  2. Don’t post any negative comments about your ex on any social media platform. You may block your ex, not share certain posts with them, but that information still could get back to your former spouse. And more importantly, then those disparaging words could be read in court.
  3. Don’t post any photos of you with any new large purchases (like a car) or on an elaborate vacation. Your ex’s attorney could use these to show you really don’t need certain assets you want.
  4. Don’t post any photos of you out drinking your sorrows away, or celebrating your new freedom, with some friends. If you are vying for more child custody time, these images could make you look like you are an irresponsible parent.
  5. Hold off on joining any dating apps or sites because that information also could get back to your ex and their attorney.

Instead of using social media to vent or gain emotional support, consider seeing a counselor to process your feelings. Then you can know what you say is confidential and hopefully avoid feeling the need to post about your divorce on social media.




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