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Mediation Enables Faster Divorce Resolutions

Divorce is rarely painless. Ending a years-long relationship is a stressful process, forcing spouses to confront some hard truths about themselves and their marriage. Though divorce is the best choice for many spouses, negotiations often take months and cost thousands of dollars. These reasons push many couples toward alternative dispute resolutions, like mediation.

Couples who use mediation to negotiate their divorce settlement will work together toward a compromise. Under the guidance of an independent mediator, you and your ex can find a fast and inexpensive path forward.

How to benefit from mediation for years

Mediation will only work if you and your spouse can work together. If you are filing for divorce to escape abuse or other criminal activity, traditional litigation will help keep you safe. Couples who can work together can benefit from mediation in the following ways:

  1. Total control: Mediation places total control in the spouse’s hands. A judge will not rule over decisions or assign fault. You will work with an independent mediator who guides the negotiations using collaboration and communication techniques. Mediators will help you and your spouse understand each other’s needs and build a compromise that satisfies everyone.
  2. Lower costs: Without the need for a courtroom, a judge or any court personnel, the cost for divorce is significantly less than a traditional divorce. Lawyers often charge a lower rate when working within mediation, and many states offer to cover the mediator’s cost.
  3. Easier scheduling: You can schedule your mediation sessions at your convenience and in any location that serves each spouse. With a courtroom divorce, you might have to wait weeks for an initial hearing and weeks beyond that for an opening in the court’s schedule.
  4. Confidential negotiations: You will also enjoy total privacy with mediation. A stenographer will record everything you say in a courtroom, making it available for use in future disputes. The only record mediation produces is the signed agreement — everything said during negotiations remains eternally private.
  5. Better results: Most couples who use mediation report feeling more satisfied with the results and the process than couples who use traditional litigation. Mediation allows couples to design their resolution without a potentially disastrous ruling from a judge.

Is mediation right for you?

If you think divorce mediation is right for you, you can bring your questions to a local attorney familiar with New York divorce laws. A lawyer can assess your case, recommend professional mediators and help draft aac comprehensive divorce agreement.




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