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Are All Couples Hurting During The Ongoing Health Crisis?

Last week, we spoke about the increase is so called, grey divorces, divorces between spouses over 50. However, that post brought up the idea of increased divorce rates overall. And, during these unprecedented times, are we experiencing a pandemic induced divorce tsunami, and if so, are all couples hurting?

Divorce tsunami?

Everyone is likely familiar with the high number of divorces each year, but this year has been largely unprecedented in divorce filings. Family lawyers are universally reporting increases in divorce request of around 25% to 35% over this same time last year. Even online divorce document sites are reporting similar numbers compared to this time last year. And, this is a trend across the globe, not just in the U.S.

Not all couples are hurting

In a strange twist of fate though, while many couples are experiences hardships, other couples are thriving in lock down. Some may have even been considering divorce pre-pandemic, but these lockdowns acted as a reset button, allowing them the time they needed to focus and fix their marriages. This has been especially true for those that were plagued by crazy schedules, work that required travel and, so called, workaholics. These couples have spent their time working on projects around the house. They have engaged more with their children, and perhaps more surprisingly, are having more sex.

A Monmouth University study of 808 couples bore this out. They found that 92% of the couples they surveyed were very satisfied or extremely satisfied with their relationship. And, married couple were much more likely to be extremely satisfied (64%), compared to only 47% of unmarried partners.

What’s the secret?

Communication and an equitable division of labor have been the key to many of these successful couples. They ask questions and listen to each other to ensure that both parties are managing their stress. And, when things are not working for one person, the couple figures out equitable solutions, often with the help of family or couples counseling.

What about the rest of us?

Of course, we cannot all be so lucky, and sometimes, relationships end. This is when New York, New York, residents should contact a divorce attorney to ensure one’s rights are protected.




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