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A Parent Coordinator During A High-Conflict Custody Matter

Whether it is a parent’s first time through the process or not, divorcing is never easy. Having children involved can make the process even more challenging, especially in a high conflict divorce. Thus, parent sin New York and elsewhere should understand how best to move forward with a family law matter, such as a custody order, to ensure not only their rights are considered but also the best interests of the children are met as well.

Parent coordinator

For a high conflict custody matter, it can often feel like there is no resolution is sight. This is often when professionals will step in to help aid an agreement. A parent coordinator could be appointed to the matter, as they are a specially trained professional whose main goal is to help the divorcing parents manage their parenting plan. They can help improve the communication for the parents in the matter and in the future while focusing on the disputes at hand. The overall role of a parent coordinator will be based on the needs of the family, state laws, as well as what the court stipulates

New York law

In the state of New York, the court will not appoint a parent coordinator. However, if parents agree to have a parent coordinator in the matter and the selection of the parent coordinator, they can be part of the matter. It should be noted that the parents will determine the limits and the scope of the authority of the parent coordinator. This is usually done through the attorneys of the parents.

When a parent coordinator is not appropriate

While the usage of a parent coordinator may seem beneficial, that is not always the case. In fact, it is advisable to not appoint a parent coordinator is certain matters. For example, when there is a history of domestic violence, having a parent coordinator could present safety risks or even a power imbalance. This is not helpful when it comes to protecting the rights of a parent and the best interests of the child.

A high conflict custody case can feel like a never-ending, draining legal battle. In some cases, it can be very damaging for the children to experience, making it imperative that divorcing parents consider ways to resolve the matter the best way possible. The assistance of a parent coordinator may be very beneficial; as it can help the parents in a high conflict matter reach a resolution they are comfortable with.




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