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Birdnesting: A Way To Reduce The Impact Of Divorce On Children

When a New York City couple decides they can no longer be together, and a divorce is imminent it can be hard on anyone. For the parents, it is often one of the worst times of their lives. For their children, it can be a stressful and confusing time. One new way parents are seeking to minimize the effects of divorce on their children is by “birdnesting”.

What is “birdnesting”?

Birdnesting” is a way some parents are choosing to minimize the traumatizing effects of divorce on children. In this situation, the parents keep the family home while rotating who is living there. The parents each have their own separate residences where they live while not at the family home. Usually the parents don’t have three homes, but instead keep the family home where the children stay and share an apartment that they share and rotate.

Benefits of nesting

Having the children living in the same home can be beneficial to them. They will still attend the same school, keep their friends, and minimize the effects of the divorce. They won’t need to frequently change homes and lug their belongings to different residences. Nesting works the best for parents who have split amicably. It is also recommended to be a short-term option.

A legal professional who is skilled in divorce can help their client understand their options when they are going through the divorce process. For high-income people, there are often many complicated matters that need to be worked through. Parents want their children to have minimal effects from a divorce and an attorney will help make the process more smooth for everyone involved.




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