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Why Are More People Choosing A ‘Gray Divorce’?

Divorce is not just for young people in New York City who rushed into marriage too early or middle-aged people who are experiencing a midlife crisis or issues such as infidelity. Even people who have been married for decades these days may seek a divorce. Known as a “gray divorce” those over 50 who decide to end their marriages have a variety of reasons for doing so that may differ from their younger counterparts.

Divorce is losing its negative stigma

It is the rare person these days that can say they know of no one who has divorced. Divorce is not only commonplace but is becoming an acceptable and preferable alternative to staying in an unhappy marriage. A couple who may have wanted to divorce 30 years ago and decided not to do so due the negative stigma surrounding divorce may find these days that divorce is a more socially acceptable option for those who are unhappy in their union. These older couples may now seek the divorce they wish they would have sought in their younger years.

People are living longer

Life expectancy is on the rise for many in the U.S. Those who reach age 50 may realize that, rather than nearing their twilight years, they expect to live for another 20 years, 30 years or perhaps even longer. With this in mind, it can be upsetting to think you have to remain in an unhappy marriage for decades more. This often leads a person to explore the option of a “gray divorce.”

Now may be the right time for a divorce

A couple in their 50s who are unhappy in their marriage may have been unhappy for many years. However, they may have decided to stay together “for the kids” or stay together until they were each more financially stable. As the years passed and their kids became adults and the spouses were firmly established in their own careers, these unhappy spouses may have decided that now is the right time to finally seek the divorce they have wanted for years.

Is a gray divorce right for you?

These are only some reason why older couples in New York City may seek a divorce. However, divorce is often the best option for unhappy couples of any age. Those who are thinking about divorce will want to understand all their legal rights and options before proceeding so they can make decisions that are in their best interests.




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