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Determining When To Modify A Child Support Order

When you get divorced, the court sets up a child support order. If your life changes, you may want to modify this order. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know the right time to do it, and what the process entails. Read on to learn more.

When should I modify child support?

There are a few reasons you may want to consider modifying your child support order. If you lose your job, for example, or if the other parent gets demoted at work – any major change in circumstances can be grounds for modification. If your child’s other parent is asking to modify the order, you should also consider modifying it.

You might also have another reason that’s specific to your case – say, a big health issue that makes one of you unable to work.

You need a good reason for modification so that you can show what changed in your life and why, for instance, this change will affect your ability to pay as much as the order states. In some cases, if there is a big enough difference between what the court ordered and what you can afford, the court may even consider reducing your payments.

Is it temporary or permanent?

The court should specify whether your child support order is temporary or permanent. A temporary order often reflects a temporary situation, like a short-term illness or unemployment. If you’re seeking a permanent change to your child support order, it’s important to let the court know why it’s necessary. For example, if there is no possible way that either parent will ever see their income increase enough to meet the original order amount again.

Modifying a child support order may be easier than you think. However, it’s important that you have a plan before taking action to avoid any problems or surprises.




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