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One Of The Best Options For A Co-Parenting Plan

Divorce can be difficult for the entire family. If you have children with your former spouse, child custody matters can make things even more emotional. However, there’s a good way to balance out the parenting plan that may work for you, your ex and your kids.

How should you consider your parenting plan?

Often, when married couples split and there’s a joint child custody order in place, 50/50 schedules are suggested. This is considered the fairest option due to giving your child the opportunity to spend an equal amount of time with you and your former spouse. However, while you might automatically consider having your child spend one week with you and the next with your ex, it can cause problems for them. Spending time only with one parent and not seeing the other at all for an entire week can be difficult. As a result, there are other options available for your joint child custody schedule.

What child custody schedules are better options?

You might be able to work the 50/50 parenting time schedule if your child is 12 or older. However, if you have younger children, especially those who are toddlers, you could tweak your child custody to either the 2-2-3 or 3-4-4-3 schedules. The former sees your child spending two days with you, then two with your ex and the next three with you and so forth.

Meanwhile, the 3-4-4-3 option allows your child to be with you for three days and then spend the four days following with your former spouse. You switch off each week.

Another idea that extends beyond the standard 50/50 parenting schedule is the 60/40 one. This option allows your child to spend the week with you. If there’s a long weekend, your ex will get the child for that entire time. Sometimes, the 5-2 schedule can work as well. It involves the child being with one parent for five days and then spending two days with the other.

Whatever you choose, it should be a custody schedule that works for you, your ex and especially your child. Your child’s happiness and comfort should always be the first priority.




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