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Expensive Divorce Mistakes To Avoid

If you and your spouse have decided to divorce, most professionals would advise staying away from social media while you go through your divorce proceedings. Any information you post for the public could impact the way the judge rules in your New York divorce. In addition to keeping your private business off of social media, here are some other mistakes you should avoid while you’re going through a divorce.

Not getting all the necessary paperwork

There are several documents you’ll need to finalize your divorce, including paperwork that displays your bank account numbers. You may also need statements from the Social Security Administration to verify you and your spouse’s earnings and current or future benefits. Be sure to present any documentation to prove your purchase of large items such as your home and vehicles. Any receipts for home improvement projects should be included in your divorce documents as well.

Not closing joint accounts

Even if your ex agrees to assume responsibility for a debt, the other spouse may still be obligated to pay if the debt is for a joint account. Since you and your ex opened the account before your divorce, creditors are not obligated to honor the stipulations of your divorce. Be sure to close all of your joint bank accounts and credit cards, and pay off any loans that both you and your ex are responsible for as soon as possible.

Another common mistake some couples make in divorce is to assume that they will have to endure lengthy court battles to receive the settlement you deserve. Cooperating with your ex as much as possible and settling some financial matters out of court can save time and help you avoid the expenses associated with frequent court appearances.




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