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What To Consider When Changing Visitation Plans

In New York, both parents will typically have custody or visitation rights to their children. Typically, the structure of a parenting agreement is determined as part of a divorce settlement, and the terms of such an agreement are binding after a judge signs off on them. However, it may be possible to amend an existing custody or visitation arrangement in an informal or formal manner.

Start by having a conversation with your child

The best interests of your child should be the top priority whenever you make a decision about child custody or visitation issues. Therefore, it’s a good idea to speak with your kid about the possibility of spending more time with their other parent before any changes are made. It’s worth noting that you can make changes without a minor’s permission. However, talking to your child first provides an opportunity for them to express any fears or concerns that they might have.

How much extra time is reasonable?

You may have no objection to your child’s other parent taking a larger role in their life. However, you have to make sure that providing additional parenting time is feasible from a logistical standpoint. For instance, if your former spouse lives in another city or state, it may only be possible to add an extra day or two during summer breaks or other extended school vacations.

Unless you have concerns about your child’s safety, it’s generally a good idea to consider a noncustodial parent’s request for more parenting time. In some cases, failing to do so could cause that person to push for a new custody or visitation agreement. Even if a legal challenge fails, it could still expose your child to unnecessary stress or drama.




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