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Reasons For Divorces

Attitudes toward divorce changed over the past several decades. At one time, divorce stigmatized people unfairly. Today, society is less judgmental towards those who choose to end their marriage. However, many do not understand the common reasons why a marital union collapses. Knowing the common causes may help spouses navigate the process before heading to a New York family court.

Common reasons for divorce

Serious problems that troubled marriages in the past continue to cause breakups today. Spouses committing adultery might find a partner feeling betrayed and wanting out of the marriage. Domestic violence committed against spouses and children, including mental and physical abuse, forces many partners to leave home and file for divorce for their safety.

Partners might drift apart over time, and the two spouses may have little in common with each other as the years pass. Social media and other outlets for interactions with others could cause partners to spend less time together, adding to the distance.

People could change as they age, and some people might develop new attitudes towards politics, religions, money matters, and other issues. These new beliefs might conflict with a partner’s, causing divisions in a marriage.

Social media may contribute to problems in a marriage. Concerns might develop over the excessive time someone spends on social networks, and problems could arise when someone shares personal information in public forums.

A marriage no longer works

Irreconcilable differences refer to cumulative problems that make a marriage unworkable. The two parties may try to reconcile and solve their problems but are unsuccessful. Remaining in an unhappy marriage might not be an option for the other spouse, and both may wish to seek a divorce.

Divorce proceedings allow the two spouses to negotiate an agreeable settlement. A productive settlement process could address alimony, child support and property division.




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