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What Steps Should You Take After Being Served Divorce Papers?

When you receive divorce papers in New York, the experience may result in confusion, anger, and grief. Whether you expected to receive the papers or your spouse surprised you with them, the inevitable end of your marriage typically results in a range of emotional distress. But while these feelings are understandable, you also need to consider your next steps.

Read the divorce papers carefully

After getting served with divorce papers, you should understand that these are legal documents. Their status as legal documents makes it extremely beneficial for you to carefully read the papers to determine what legal and personal steps you want to take.

When reading the papers, take careful note of:

• The details of the summons to court

• The reasons for the petition for divorce

• Response deadlines

• Freezing of your accounts

Understand the difference between temporary and permanent orders

The dissolution of marriage petition may include temporary orders. Keep in mind that they are only temporary and often change during the divorce process.

Certain temporary orders commonly occur in divorce petitions, such as:

• Child custody and visitation

• Arrangements for the shared homes

• Spousal and child support

• Bill payments

Decide between mediation, trial or arbitration

Spouses who are on good terms often chose mediation, which allows them to negotiate with the assistance of a neutral mediator. Arbitration works better for spouses who are not on great terms, but want to avoid a court trial. An arbitrator listens to both sides make their case with the help of their attorneys before making a decision.

Court trials may work best for spouses who have lost all ability to cooperate, but they will frequently cost more and can take years to finalize.

Accepting the process is necessary for healing

Whether you want a divorce or not, it is normal to experience significant grief when you receive the papers. Accepting the papers and moving forward with the divorce can be a vital first step toward healing.




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