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How Does Divorce Affect Your Mental Health In New York?

Divorce has an impact on you whether you wanted the divorce or not. You might realize that they aren’t compatible with you, yet that doesn’t take away the pain. New York is a state that requires grounds for filing for a divorce. Possible reasons include irretrievable breakdown, adultery, abandonment and cruel and inhumane treatment. If your spouse was in jail for three or more years, you could also file for divorce.


It’s common for people to feel embarrassment over their divorce. You might fear how others will see you and feel upset with yourself for not choosing the right person to marry. Forgiveness of both yourself and your spouse is essential to help you overcome feelings of embarrassment.

Sometimes, you might not realize that this is an emotion you’re experiencing. Society teaches people to suppress their emotions. Men in particular tend to struggle with this more due to the differences in the way society raises boys and girls. If you find yourself becoming agitated easily or feeling bitter when you see couples in love, then there’s a possibility that deep down you have shame over your unsuccessful marriage. Even if it’s not shaming at the root, there is a mental health issue to resolve.


Most people go through the five stages of grief when they get a divorce: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. An example of bargaining is doubting your decision and wondering if you should stay married. If your partner was the one who asked for a divorce, then you might find yourself trying to save the marriage.

Divorce is a painful experience, so you may want to remember to take extra care of yourself during and after the process. Embarrassment and grief are common emotions to experience.




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