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The Link Between Depression And Divorce

Many New York couples facing a divorce might find depression, among other factors, to be the root cause. Unexplained mood swings, irritability, sadness and isolation contribute to an unhealthy relationship. These symptoms also often present in depression which can deteriorate a marriage. Divorce steadily increases, with many couples stating that they no longer feel valued in their marriage and would like ultimately separate from their spouses.

Depression is a serious illness that manifests itself in many negative ways. The person suffering might develop a substance abuse problem, become irresponsible with finances, develop personality changes or engage in infidelity. Depression can affect one or both spouses at the same time or separately. Divorce happens when depressed spouses don’t get the help in time to save the marriage.

Untreated Depression symptoms

Millions of Americans each year are affected by depression. Some remedies are available to help people cope if they seek help. If you or your loved one exhibit the following symptoms, you might be experiencing depression:

  • Bouts of anger or sadness
  • Sudden weight loss/gain
  • Grinding teeth or balling fists
  • Frequent intoxication
  • Avoiding social engagements
  • Overly affectionate or distant

The stigma associated with depression prevents many from getting the support they need, and many others will suffer in silence. Treatment might not prevent a divorce but could provide each spouse an opportunity for a new start in life.

Divorce and depression

Spouses often blame each other for their failed marriages, but depression is a grave illness and not the fault of the afflicted person. Marriages fail after spouses see no other way to end the suffering. Separation occurs when spouses find ways to relieve their pain which for some can mean their marriage ends. A divorce could allow both spouses to agree and finally reach a sound resolution.




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