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What To Consider In A 50/50 Child Custody Arrangement

Many parents in New York who are going through a divorce are also concerned about how it will affect their children. With this in mind, they might assume that the best custody arrangement is to share their children equally, but it is worthwhile to examine this and consider whether it is really right in their particular situation.

Advantages of a 50/50 arrangement

There are a lot of good reasons to choose a 50/50 child custody arrangement. Neither parent feels shortchanged when it comes to time with the child. The child has the opportunity to build a strong relationship with both parents. This arrangement can also take the pressure off parents, who can feel start to overwhelmed if the custody split leaves them essentially acting as a single parent 75%, 80% or even more of the time. In addition, each parent may feel more as though the financial burden is shared equally with this arrangement.

Disadvantages of a 50/50 arrangement

However, there are drawbacks that parents need to keep in mind. Some children simply do not adjust well to moving back and forth between both households. Parents may live far enough apart that frequent changes in residence are stressful and time-consuming for the child and the parents. This arrangement can also be difficult if parents are struggling to maintain a functional co-parenting relationship.

In trying to address the best interests of the child after a divorce, parents should try to be flexible, and this may be the best way to approach a custody arrangement. Parents can try different configurations to split this time based on their own schedules and obligations as well as their children’s activities. Prioritizing what works best for their children and keeping the lines of communication open is likely to have the best outcomes in the long run.




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