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How To Successfully Co-Parent After A Divorce

Many New York couples who end up divorcing have children and share custody of them. These are some ways to be successful in doing so, and they all start with preparing a solid co-parenting plan.

Create a schedule

During or after a divorce, your co-parenting plan is stronger when you have a predetermined schedule. If you and your former spouse are on respectful terms, it’s easier to create one together. If you haven’t worked together on a schedule, you can create one to show your spouse before anything becomes final.

Work together

Being on good terms with your former spouse or putting your differences aside helps when it comes to co-parenting. It shows the court that you are willing to work together to make things as easy as possible for your child. It also sends a message to your child that in spite of the divorce, you are both still there for them.

Communicate openly

Divorce parents who have open lines of communication are often the most successful at co-parenting. You don’t have to talk on the phone every single day, but it helps to stay in communication whenever possible. Even a few text messages can make a difference. It shows that you can collaborate and plan situations for your child with respect for one another.

Be flexible

Each of you probably have your own routines with your child when it’s your respective time to have custody. However, it helps when you’re flexible with one another. Due to life’s uncertainties, things can come up when you least expect them; as a result, one of you might need to change plans or your schedule to accommodate the other. Even if you and your former spouse find this inconvenient, it benefits your child.




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