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If you and your spouse have decided it’s time for you to get a divorce, you have options. What you choose depends on your situation and the circumstances of your split. These are your legal options for divorce.

Traditional divorce

A traditional divorce means that you and your spouse go to court to settle things. Couples who go this route often have contested divorces because they cannot reach an agreement on more than one issue. Unfortunately, traditional court divorces are highly emotional, drawn-out affairs that are often difficult for everyone, including children.

Divorce mediation

Divorce mediation may be the best option to end your marriage if you and your spouse are on good enough terms to agree on most matters. You are able to negotiate all the terms of your divorce, giving you more control over the process. You and your spouse meet with a neutral third party who helps you reach an agreement. Mediation allows you to get a divorce faster and allows you to protect your children from the ugliness of traditional court divorce.

Collaborative divorce

Collaborative divorce is similar to mediation, but you and your spouse each have attorney representation while working together. Both sides meet separately and then together with their attorneys to discuss all matters of concern and try to reach a settlement.

With collaborative divorce, each party and their attorneys sign a contract agreeing that the lawyers withdraw from the case if it’s unsuccessful. In that situation, you and your spouse get new attorneys and go to court to have your divorce case settled by a judge.

There is no one-size-fits-all way to get a divorce. Your circumstances and how you and your spouse interact with one another can determine which option is appropriate for you.




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