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How To Prepare For Your Divorce

Deciding to end your marriage is certainly never easy, but many New York residents have no other options. The divorce process is lengthy, and most experts agree that preparation is a good idea. If you decide to end your marriage, consider some of these steps.

Gather important documents

Begin the process of your divorce by gathering important documents. In addition to the petition you file with the local court, you typically need several other documents before proceeding with your divorce. Spend some time gathering your birth certificate, marriage certificate, children’s birth certificates, life insurance policies, and statements from financial accounts.

Meet with a financial advisor

A divorce is going to have an impact on your finances. Going into the next phase of your life with a financial plan in place can save you a lot of stress. Spend some time talking to a financial advisor and creating a plan for how you will live post-divorce.

Custody decisions

If you and your ex share any minor children, you’re going to have to come to a custody agreement. If things are amicable, you can work this out independently and submit your agreement to the court. If your divorce takes a more contentious turn, you may have to rely on a judge to decide how your child custody arrangement will work.

Take an inventory

Both you and your ex probably have some items you want to keep after divorce. Create an inventory of your valuables to keep track of what you want.

The process of getting a divorce begins before you file any papers. Knowing how to prepare helps alleviate some of the stress caused by the divorce process.




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