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How Divorce Can Affect Your Mental Health

Ending your marriage in New York can place you under a great deal of strain. Recent studies have confirmed that the dissolution of a marriage can affect your physical and mental health. Marriages that end because of a high level of conflict have proven to lead to poor results where mental health is concerned. This is true regardless of all other factors.

Marriage dissolution can lead to negative results

Divorce can be one of the highest causes of stress that you will ever experience. The results of a bad ending for your marriage can be panic attacks, depression, trouble sleeping, and an over-reliance on drugs and alcohol. These are all potential side effects of the mental anguish that you may be dealing with.

These can all be direct outcomes of a high-stress divorce. The marriage itself may have ended due to several factors. These may include financial worries, infidelity, poor communication, or even domestic abuse. Some of the most painful divorces occur when none of the above are factors. The two parties may outgrow their initial attraction to each other.

How can you preserve your mental balance?

It’s wise to consider all of your various options before you make up your mind to end your marriage. If there is no other option, you must make plans to help preserve your mental well-being. You may consider going to therapy. This will allow you to vent your feelings and get guidance from a qualified expert.

It’s acceptable to grieve for a time over losing your marriage. But it’s also very fine to feel relief. The more honest you are with your feelings, the sooner you can move forward. Honesty and self-acceptance may help you recover.




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