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Possible Issues You Might Face With The Nesting Arrangement

When parents in New York are going through divorce, they can choose several options for the custody arrangement. One of these is nesting, which has the children stay in the family home, while the parents rotate in and out, based on their established parenting time. While nesting offers advantages such as continued stability for the children and less disruption of their routines, it can also lead to some issues that you and your child’s other parent will need to work together to solve.

Communication issues can derail the nesting arrangement

Clear communication is important for the nesting arrangement to succeed. However, in some situations, the parents might find themselves not sharing important information. This can then threaten the whole child custody arrangement by causing conflict. It is important to share child-related information openly. This information includes:

  • Health issues
  • School information such as projects and other issues
  • Any other issue affecting the children’s lives

The complications of relationships

Relationship dynamics can also affect the nesting arrangement. For example, your relationship with your child’s other parent might not improve even when you have minimal exchanges, which is one of the benefits of nesting. If your relationship continues to be contentious, you might want to establish some rules about what topics you will discuss along with how and when you will discuss them. Another relationship-related issue you might encounter is introducing new love interests. If either parent decides to introduce a new partner into the home, it might cause conflict between the parents and the children. In that case, it is best to have clear rules in place as to when and how each person can introduce a new significant other.

Preparing for possible issues and having clear solutions for this can help the nesting arrangement succeed. Do your best to anticipate any issues that might arise and commit yourself to moving forward with your child’s other parent.




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