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Divorce At A Later Age

Older adults who end their New York marriages face a complex financial landscape. They tend to share many assets and savings with their spouses that will require splitting. You will have to rework your retirement plan because the divorce may cut your retirement…

Splitting Home Value In New York Divorce

New York divorce courts use the equitable distribution model when dividing marital property upon divorce. This split can be 90/10, 65/35 or 50/50, depending on the circumstances. Valuing the house The first step the divorce court will take will be to determine the…

Dealing With Art Collections During A Divorce

As a New York resident, you may have a significant art collection, and an art collection of that nature can often times be both a major part of your life and a valuable group of assets. And during a divorce, an art collection…

What is Divorce

If you and your spouse have decided it’s time for you to get a divorce, you have options. What you choose depends on your situation and the circumstances of your split. These are your legal options for divorce. Traditional divorce A traditional divorce…

How To Successfully Co-Parent After A Divorce

Many New York couples who end up divorcing have children and share custody of them. These are some ways to be successful in doing so, and they all start with preparing a solid co-parenting plan. Create a schedule During or after a divorce,…

Best Ways To Have A Child-Centered Divorce

New York couples who choose to end their marriage often wind up in long court battles. If children are involved, this can create a lot of tension and anxiety within the family dynamic. Although married couples might disagree and have contention between them…

Potential Financial Challenges Of Gray Divorce

Divorce is a challenging and emotional enough experience without the concerns that can make it even worse for older couples. Gray divorce, the term used for couples who divorce later in life, can have significant financial consequences for New York couples. Splitting retirement…

What To Consider In A 50/50 Child Custody Arrangement

Many parents in New York who are going through a divorce are also concerned about how it will affect their children. With this in mind, they might assume that the best custody arrangement is to share their children equally, but it is worthwhile…

Understanding The Different Types Of Child Custody In New York

Navigating child custody after a divorce or separation can seem very difficult. The number of child custody types in New York can increase the stress associated with figuring out what arrangement will work best for your child. Temporary and emergency custody Often, a…

Why Many Couples Divorce After Two Decades In New York

After 20 years of marriage, many couples think they have it all figured out. They know each other’s likes and dislikes, and they have a solid routine that works well for them. However, sometimes even the strongest marriages can fall apart after two…



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