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What Everyone Should Know About Appeals

A hearing or court order is not always the final say on a matter. In many cases, an appeal is a viable option. This is a new opportunity to make your case and potentially obtain a different, more favorable outcome.

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What An Appeal Is (And Is Not)

Many people are not familiar with the appeals process. This quick overview should help orient you to the process and dispel some common misconceptions.

An appeal is when you bring your case to a higher court for review. This gives a judge the opportunity to review your case for any mistakes or issues that may affect the outcome. It is not a “redo” of your case and is not an opportunity to introduce new evidence or talk to witnesses. Instead, the court looks at the law as applied to your case. In some cases, there may be a mistake in the application of a law, an issue with evidence or an issue with the judge’s discretionary powers. The higher court has the power to correct these mistakes.

Because this type of legal maneuver is highly technical, your legal team must be knowledgeable and capable of arguing your case in a clear and compelling manner.

A Second Opinion Matters

If you believe the court made an error during your family law dispute, divorce litigation or other legal matter, your next steps matter. Talk to our team about your grounds for an appeal.


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