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Creating Resilient And Successful Divorce Litigation Strategies

For every story of a peaceful and easy divorce, there are multiple stories of divorce fraught by argument and legal trouble. If you find yourself with an ex who refuses to cooperate or if you simply cannot come to a compromise, the time may come when divorce litigation is necessary. At Cedeño Law Group, PLLC, we know the fears and frustrations that come with divorce disputes, and we help you protect yourself while still coming to a productive solution.

Contentious Issues Are More Common Than You May Think

Even in otherwise amicable divorce, there are issues where you and your ex will not agree. As you navigate the agreements that dictate the terms of your divorce, you should be aware of common issues like:

  • Property disputes: Property division is a major issue because it can seriously impact your financial future. Consider your needs—How will you provide for yourself? Can you afford a mortgage? Is there a business you need to split?
  • Childcare and parenting: Many parents find splitting parenting time and other decisions around children extremely stressful, especially when coparents have very different parenting styles or philosophies.
  • Prior agreements: Some couples come into their marriage with a prenuptial agreement or draft a postnuptial agreement afterwards. While these can be great guides throughout divorce, you may find that the terms of your agreement no longer work or are invalid, causing confusion or contention.

At this point, one of the best things you can do is to work with a legal team who will take the time to know you and your situation and that will take the initiative.

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