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How To Protect Yourself In A High-Asset Divorce

Most divorces are already complicated, but those involving many assets or higher valued ones can tend to be even more convoluted. Unlike a simple dissolution, disputes in a complex divorce can include not only finances but also a business and more. Whether you are a high net worth individual or someone contemplating a divorce later in life, you need an experienced attorney.

At Cedeño Law Group, PLLC, our attorneys have represented an array of divorce clients — including Wall Street bankers, elderly couples and others who may have amassed significant assets over the course of their marriages. We understand how intricate a high-asset divorce can be and how best to navigate one. When you entrust your case to us, you can feel confident that you and your most important assets are in good hands.

What Is At Stake?

Any divorce, even an uncontested one, can have an emotional or financial impact on you and your family. In a complex divorce, the stakes may be higher. During your marriage, you may have accumulated sizable assets or multiple properties.

So, while common concerns such as child custody or spousal support may remain, your high-asset dissolution could also deal with:

  • Investments like bonds, stocks or 401(k) accounts
  • Real estate matters like a vacation home or rental property
  • Offshore accounts or hidden assets
  • Trust funds or inheritances
  • A jointly owned business
  • Exhaustive alimony negotiations

Aside from determining the value and fair division of your marital properties and assets, you may also run into tax implications. Due to the complicated nature of high-end divorces, it is best to consult a lawyer in the early stages.

Trusted Counsel For Your Complex Dissolution

With a complicated divorce situation, you need reliable and trustworthy legal guidance. Retaining our services from the start means that you can anticipate or even mitigate potential issues. Our New York City divorce lawyers have a thorough understanding of the dissolution process. This allows us to handle even the most sophisticated divorce cases.

Schedule an in-person consultation with us to discuss your situation and objectives today. You can call 646-475-3656 to arrange a time that is convenient for you or send your inquiries via email. Our firm serves both English and Spanish speakers. Hablamos español!


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