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The complex and lengthy legal procedures that are necessary to complete the adoption process can be a burden on what should be a joyful and happy time. At Cedeño Law Group, PLLC, we understand that you want to get through the legalities as smoothly as possible so that you can enjoy this new chapter of your life.

Our primary attorney, Peter Cedeño, has been rated 10.0 Superb by Avvo, which means that he has earned the respect of his peers and proven to be a competent and effective adoption and family lawyer. You can trust that he will provide the efficient legal representation that you need to ensure that your adoption can be completed with minimal stress. Our team of professionals wants to help you navigate the processes necessary to build your family.

Representation For All Types Of Adoption

There are multiple ways in which an adoption can be carried out, each of which requires approval by the court system. Our team can help you understand the process for each type of adoption and be at your side every step of the way.

Different types of adoption include the following:

  • Agency adoption — The agency places child with adoptive parents
  • Independent adoption — Birth and adoptive parents work out adoption on their own
  • Identified adoption — Birth and adoptive parents seek help from an agency
  • Stepparent adoption — The new spouse of a birth parent adopts the child
  • Relative adoption — A close relative adopts (usually due to death of birth parents)
  • International adoption — Adopting children outside of the United States
  • Adult adoption — Adopting an adult who is at least 10 years younger (inheritance, etc.)

Experienced And Trustworthy Attorney Is What You Need During An Adoption

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Let An New York City Adoption Attorney Assist You

Adoption processes can be frustrating and lengthy. Every adoption must go through extensive legal procedures to get approved by a judge and made final. This can require a great amount of legwork and documentation that is best handled by an experienced, competent, and detail-oriented family law and adoption attorney in New York City.

The first step of the process can often be the most difficult, as the birth parents must give consent. Prior to a hearing, notice must be provided to the biological parents, adoption agency, legal representative of the child (if one is appointed), and any other individual from whom consent is required. Acquiring consent can be especially complicated if an agency is not involved and may require additional documentation if a birth parent cannot be located.

A petition must be filed to request approval of the adoption and include:

  • Names, ages, addresses, and relationships of all individuals involved
  • Statements providing reason and justification for the adoption
  • Written consent of birth parents

New York adoption laws are covered in Article 7 of the New York Code – Domestic Relations (Dom. Rel. Law § 109-117).

Finally, a hearing is conducted, in which a judge will evaluate all documentation relating to the case and review the report from the home study. This is a report provided to the courts by a social worker who conducted an investigation into the fitness of the adoptive parents. If a judge finds this information agreeable, he or she will issue a final order of adoption, which will complete and finalize the process.

The home study report will include the following information about adoptive parents:

  • The stability of their marriage
  • Their financial standing
  • Their physical and mental health
  • Their work schedule and obligations
  • How any other children have been raised
  • Any criminal records

Attorney With A 10.0 Superb Avvo Rating

Having a New York City family lawyer at your side throughout the adoption process is essential, especially if you are single, in a domestic partnership, or in a same-sex relationship. The Cedeno Law Group is dedicated to providing high-quality legal representation for people seeking to grow their family through adoption. We are committed to helping the process move swiftly and smoothly so that you can begin your lives as parents.

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